UFOs Seen Above High School Football Game

On Friday night, high school senior Dushawn Brown scored a pretty touchdown for his Horizon Huskies team in Scottsdale, Ariz. That’s not too out of the ordinary, as Dushawn’s a good player. But what went on at the same time Brown made the play was quite abnormal — even paranormal.A … » Read More

Beautiful and Amazing Thunderstorms

  Thunderstorm is a form of weather that is identified from the emergence of thunder and lightning. A thunderstorm, also called electrical storms, or thunderstorms. Lightning storms occur throughout the world, even in polar regions, by the frequency of the strongest in the tropical rain forest, where they occur every … » Read More

Residents See UFO on Crop Circle in Magelang

There is another news of UFO sightings in Indonesia. Is there another holiday alien to Indonesia, or want to make additional collections of crop circles? or want stocking charm? or even want to help the victims of Merapi, Bromo, and surrounding areas? xP I willing to share the news UFOs … » Read More

New Crop Circle In Magelang

That’s the headline for the discovery of liputan6.com cilcle continuation of the existing crop in Indonesia after the Berbah, Sleman, and Piyungan, Bantul. This new crop circle discovered in Magelang, precisely in the Village Banyusari, District Tegalrejo, Magelang, Central Java. Here are the contents of the news: Crop Circle Magelang … » Read More