Detect Your Phone Problems with Android Troubleshooting Apps

Having a smartphone like android, certainly has many advantages. Besides being able to easily accommodate a variety of needs ranging from social networking, entertainment, related to the data file as well as wireless connections, smartphone can also increase your prestige, at least. But you know, actually a lot of obstacles that are often encountered when  you use your android smartphone often and installed many application. Process performance become slow, hang, even weak responsive touch screen.

Well for you who often experience these problems, do not be upset or selling your smartphone. Because there are some applications like ‘doctor’ which enough to help your problem. It’s easy, just download on the android market. The steps were fairly easy and not risky.

1. Smart Care

Samsung Smart Care is a quick and easy way of checking the set up on your Samsung Android smartphone. This application (formally known as Diagnostics), provided by Samsung, gives you a really useful set of troubleshooting tools.

The application actively checks all the settings on your phone and will help you find and fix any issues without the need to look at all the setting menus, or contact the Customer Support helpdesk! The SmartCare software will highlight any unusual settings and put control back into your hands.

Developer : Samsung SERI Lab
Download :

2. Device Doctor

In day to day use and in our busy life, we tend to neglect health of our mobile phone and also we are not aware about internal details like memory usage, battery functions etc. Most of the time over heating , over voltage damages battery life of your phone.

DeviceDoctor is very simple and extremely useful application. It not only keeps a close eye on health of your mobile phone but also gives you detailed report about memory, device, network , applications and battery life. You can send reports to third party developer and get better diagnosis of problem.

Developer : Zubha Labs
Download :

3. GPS Doctor

GPS Doctor is a troubleshooting/diagnostic program for GPS systems in Android devices. If your phone is taking longer than it should to get a satellite fix, or can’t get a fix at all, GPS Doctor should be able to help. To use, simply run the “Quick Fix” option (or the manual options) before attempting to use Google Maps (or any other GPS software). Your fixes should come faster and be more accurate.

GPS Doctor works by clearing stale cached values that can mislead your GPS chip as it searches for your location, then injecting the correct values into the chip using data downloaded from NTP and XTRA servers.

The “Quick Fix” option is available to automatically diagnose and correct many common GPS issues. Manual fix options are also available, including: forcing XTRA injection, forcing time injection, and clearing aiding data (all, almanac, ephemeris, time, position, UTC, ionospheric, health, SV Dir, SV Steer, SA, RTI, and CellDBInfo).

Developer : epEK.ware
Download :

4. Droid Dream Cleaner

To determine whether your phone is infected, download and run DroidDream Cleaner. If you are infected, DroidDream Cleaner will delete the malicious files and repair any damage to your system.

This app is not a replacement for Lookout Mobile Security, and will not detect or repair any other malware strains. Downloading the full version of Lookout is the best way to keep your phone safe from malware and spyware, back up your data, and locate, scream, lock, or wipe a lost or stolen phone.

Lookout is a mobile security company dedicated to protecting smartphones worldwide. Rated 5 stars by CNET and PCWorld, millions of users worldwide trust Lookout to protect their phone. Lookout is security and privacy certified by Verisign and TRUSTe.

Developer : Lookout Labs
Download :

5. Ping Meter

PingMeter is a simple graphical interface to PING command, a network diagnostic tool, with useful and fun SOUND effects.

RUN IN BACKGROUND: You can leave Ping run and switch to other apps, e.g. another network diagnostic tool (for example to see WiFi signal strength). Meanwhile you can hear the PingMeter sound effects to always knows what is happening.
Use case: you can check and test the WiFi coverage on a big room without staring at the screen. Every lost packet will be immediately identified by sound. NO MORE NEED TO CHECK icmp_seq NUMBER ONE BY ONE!

While ping is running you can see the PING WEATHER on the top right. It suggests you the number of packets lost. e.g. a clear sun indicates 0 packets lost, storm indicates no good network connection.

Developer : Enrico Pivato
Download :

6. SD Booster

SD-Booster speeds up your external and internal SD-Card(s) (external and internal memory) up to 40 times! Enjoy a new feeling of speed on your Android smartphone anytime and everywhere you are.
Starting apps, listing to your favorite music or just swapping data with your PC ? Whatever you do, the SD-Booster improve your phone speed!

SD-Booster needs root permission to run, otherwise SD-Booster can’t do anything!

-MMC detection framework to support any SD-Card
-Speedup every external and internal SD-Card
-Set on Boot
-Color based suggestion terms of current cache size

Developer : Daniel Mehrmann (Akusari)
Download :

7. Device Booster

Memory hogging services, buggy apps, long time since last reboot, tons of background processes.

All these contribute to slowing your device down significantly.

This app is a 1 click solution! Just open the app and it will free your memory from all of these, while restarting the important system processes.

It will take no longer than 10-15 seconds for your device to act as if it was just rebooted with a fresh and clean memory boost.

Developer : Steve Imar
Download :

8. Battery Booster

Battery Booster is a powerful battery boosting tool and power management application specially designed for Android devices. Based on system specifications, Battery Booster provides the most accurate and overall information on your battery, including an auto-updating live chart visually tracking your battery usage, and real-time battery capacity, temperature, voltage information, etc. Battery Tweak, with Smart Battery Saver and convenient settings for Wifi, Bluetooth & GPS managements, helps to handle all battery consuming situations easily. Battery Performance, providing audio alerts while in low/full battery or battery is overheated, helps to keep the battery running at good performance all the time.

- Real-time battery status (capacity, temperature, voltage, and charging status, etc.) monitor and battery usage tracking
- Homescreen widget support (Add to homescreen with Menu -> Add -> Widgets -> Battery Booster)
- Shortcuts to WiFi/Bluetooth/Screen Brightness/Screen Timeout settings
- Real-time battery use monitor and management to save more power
- Battery Calibration Notification to maximize your battery life span
- Settings to automatically turn off/on WiFi/Bluetooth/GPS when device is locked/unlocked.
- Settings to automatically turn off WiFi/Bluetooth when battery is low.
- Settings to enable beep and select beep tone/interval when your battery is low/full/overheated.
- Save more battery with built-in smart task manager (Based on Memory Booster – Android RAM Optimizer)

Developer : IMOBLIFE Inc.
Download :
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