Raphael Saadiq - Glory To The Veins Lyrics

Glory to the Veins Lyrics

[Verse 1]
It's a world epidemic
And the whole world is in it
I lost a brother to AIDS
Still, he laughed every day
I see the door but I'm not going in
A taste of gin and a little sin
Is all that I can afford
I won't do no more

Oh well

[Verse 2]
Why is everything going fast?
Afraid my heart is built to last
A shortness of breath is really frightening
I feel myself but I need to feel love
There's too many people walking behind me
I need you beside me, please come and find me
It's been so cold, the light could blind me
God help me to find me

Oh well, oh well, oh well
Oh well, oh well, oh well

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