Devvon Terrell - Locked In The Bathroom Lyrics

Locked In The Bathroom Lyrics

Look, darling, this will bring us back together again. Just the way we used to be.
That's just what I'm afraid of! "Any time, any place, anywhere."
Don't mock me. This is bigger than anything that ever happened to us. Don't do it for me. Do it for the paper!
Scram, Svengali!
Look, if you won't do it for love, how about money?

You got the password to my phone
Locked in the bathroom all alone
I might as well pack my shit, call it quits
I guess that my cover's blown
I wonder what you'll see
Them pictures that was sent to me
It never meant a goddamn thing, we were just friends
Fuck it, I can't even lie

'Cause you called me on my bullshit
Said things like, "How the fuck you pull this?" Oh
I wish that I'd press delete, didn't fall asleep
You hit me with that face ID
I hear my phone ringing
Thinking like, "Who the fuck is it?" Oh
I don't know where we gon' wind up, put this all behind us
Hoping that that call is my mama

You start to scream
I say, "[?]" Oh, oh
I can't hear all the commotion, but then I get the notion
Like, "Where the fuck is your phone?"
You know I know your password
It's always our anniversary, oh no
Girl I never woulda thought, you had some other dude
Doing things that I'd never do

Oh girl you worse than me
Sexting and things like, "Are you asleep?" Oh
The nights you said that you was working, you was probably twerking
With some dude that just wasn't me, ooh
So what are we doing? 'Cause we both guilty
Blood on our hands, oh we both look so filthy
Can we point fingers if we both wrong?
Can we continue love with all the damage done?

I just can't unsee this shit, yeah
And you won't ever, ever let it live
Probably bring it up every chance you get, no
Should we go through this, can we ignore it,
Or should we just call it quits? Shit...
Do you want space, take a little time apart
Matter of fact, hell no
I know you'll get closer to him, and I'll get closer to her
Then both of us won't give a fuck

And so I start to scream
You aksing who she is to me, oh
The neighbors hear all the commotion, doors wide open
Which of us is gonna leave?
You start ripping my clothes off
Do things to you just to remind ya, oh
This is the best I ever had, girl you in your bag
I forgot about the other girl

Let me hear you promise
That you'll only give it to me, me, oh
And I'll promise you the same, no more playing games
Never fuck around again

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