I Will Never Be Lyrics By Lily Moore


Lyrics for the song I Will Never Be By Lily Moore

I Will Never Be
Lily Moore

[Verse 1]
I could talk a little louder
Put my red dress on
I could call you baby
Or not
When we go out I’ll make you prouder
Leave a good impression
So your friends tell their friends who you’ve got

There must be something about you
Why would you need
To be corrupted by somebody like me?

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But I will never be
Everything you need
Enough for you to leave you sleepless in the night
I heard that that’s what lovers do, woo
Well, I will never be
The first thing in your mind
When you wake up like the best drug you ever tried
Leave you restless all the time, woo
I will never be
What you are to me

[Verse 2]
In a crowded room
I watch you dancing
It isn’t half as bad as you think it is
And the way you move
Makes me a little nervous
When you see me dance
I hope you can forgive

I meant to say I like it
And nurse my bloody wounds in private
So you don’t see we’re divided differently

But I will never be
That girl that you could never ask
Hung back and waited after class
Oh, she really had your heart, woo
I will never be
Hard work, ungrateful or disloyal
Anything to make you smile
You just leave me in the aisle, woo

I will never be
The girl you call when you get drunk
You’d watch her sleeping just for fun
The one you think of when you come
Woo, oh

I will never be
That one thing you would try to save
And if your lost words are her name
Least I know I tried in vain, woo
I will never be
What you are to me


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